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LUXe Anti-Aging - ISC
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LUXe Anti-aging™ is the first intelligent photomodulation device using Biolux™ LED technology with 3 specific wavelengths, red (645 nm), yellow (590 nm) and near infrared (830 nm) to maintain a healthy and glowing tone over time.

Which protocols ?

Your LUXe Anti-aging™ gives you access to a complete skin care program with its 3 pre-programmed protocols : anti-aging, anti-fatigue and anti-dull skin.
It will be your best ally against daily beauty hassles, signs of fatigue, imperfections, dry skin… while slowing down the signs of aging.

A new skincare method that is painless, non-invasive and effective.
Regardless of your skin conditions,dull skin, tired complexion, fine lines and wrinkles, LUXe Anti-Aging™ provides you with visible results from the first sessions.

With its integrated software IPI™, Intelligence Protocol Inside, LUXe Anti-aging™ gives you access to 3 pre-programmed protocols for an unlimited use and the possibility to access the PeelLight™ concept combining Biolux™ know-how and LED technology to soft, moderate or strong peels.

A new anti-aging skin care concept quick and effective to optimize the regeneration of your skin and to help you aging well.

LUXe Anti-Aging, what are the advantages ?

  • Home care device with a high end ergonomic
    design and technology
  • Non-invasive, non-thermal and 100 % natural
  • Total control of stimulation protocols
  • No side effects, painless.
  • High-power focalized, calibrated and sorted LEDs guaranteed without UVs.
  • Results scientifically proven
  • Integrated intelligent software : 3 pre-programmedprotocols for an unlimited use with thepossibility to download an additional protocol
    adapted to your needs.

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