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LUXe Blue - ISC
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Slide LUXe Blue

LUXe Blue™ is the first intelligent photomodulation device using Biolux™ LED technology with 3 specific wavelengths, red (645 nm), yellow (590 nm) and blue (465 nm) for the treatment of skin imperfections.

Which protocols ?

Your LUXe Blue™ gives you access to a complete skin care program with its 3 pre-programmed protocols : acne, comedonal acne and regeneration.
It will help you to soothe skin lesions, commonly known as acne and to act on the regularization of sebum production and inflammation. The LUXe Blue™ is also perfectly adapted to treat acne-marks and will help you to regain a homogeneous skin tone over time.

A new skincare method that is painless, non-invasive and effective.
Regardless of your skin conditions, acne, skin lesions, inflammations or imperfections LUXe Blue™ provides you with visible and durable results.

With its integrated software IPI™, Intelligence Protocol Inside, LUXe Blue™ gives you access to 3 pre-programmed protocols for an unlimited use and the possibility to access the Hairlight™ concept combining Biolux™ know-how and LED technology to capillary treatments

A new concept in hair care, quick and effective for the treatment of alopecia.

LUXe Blue, what are the advantages ?

  • Home care device with a high end ergonomic design and technology
  • Non-invasive, non-thermal and 100 % natural technology.
  • Total control of stimulation protocols.
  • No side effects, painless.
  • High-power focalized, calibrated and sorted LEDs guaranteed without UVs.
  • Results scientifically proven
  • Integrated intelligent software : 3 pre-programmed protocols for an unlimited use with the possibility to download an additional protocol
    adapted to your needs.


Résultats obtenus avec le LUXe Blue après un mois de traitement avec le protocole acné utilisant de la lumière bleue (475nm)

For more information on HairLight concept…