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LED photomodulation technology offers many possibilities for applications on both nervous and skin disorders.

High-valued technology, this new topical solution has required a significant investment in Research and Development to definitively confirm its potential and to control stimulation parameters to provide innovative, efficient and reproducible stimualtion protocols on the market.

The group expertise in optical instrumentation has allowed to adapt LED stimulation systems to all fundamental research from in vitro to in vivo models and to develop stimulation protocols that can be integrated into its range of devices . An in vitro study * has confirmed an action of the LEDs on the rate of neuritic growth of sensory neurons.

*Burland, M et al. (2014), Neurite growth acceleration of adult Dorsal Root Ganglion neurons illuminated by low-level Light Emitting Diode light at 645 nm » J. Biophotonics 1-9 (2014)/DOI 10.1002/jbio.201400052

Thanks to its scientific advances, the Group has developed the appropriate equipment that integrate the right parameters to provide effective treatments.